Based in Washington, DC, Storybox Photography specializes in providing nonprofit and corporate clients with a compelling photographic narrative to more persuasively tell their story, frame their mission, and illustrate their impact.

Kristen Franklin, owner and lead photographer at Storybox, has more than ten years of experience in photography and the nonprofit sector, giving her invaluable insight into the needs, challenges, and priorities of her clients. Instead of posing her subjects, Kristen takes a documentary approach, immersing herself in an organization’s work to create pictures of moments as they happen, uninterrupted. Her subjects are less distracted, feel more comfortable, and look more natural — resulting in more authentic images.

Photography has been a part of Kristen's life for as long as she can remember. From childhood vacations to the lemurs she researched as an undergraduate at Duke University, there wasn’t a moment or subject she didn’t capture on film. But it was the years she spent working at National Geographic, surrounded by the world’s greatest storytellers, that opened Kristen's eyes to photography as a force for change.

Fifteen years and many adventures later, Kristen turned her passion for photography into a profession, with the express purpose of shining a light on the work of nonprofit organizations in the DC metro area. And so Storybox was born.

Kristen currently resides in Washington, DC, with her husband and three young children, who keep her on her toes and remind her every day to think deeply about the world and their place within it.