Youth Empowerment Project

Looking back on the first year of my business, there's one experience that comes to mind as one of the most memorable of my professional life.. I had the privilege of photographing the Youth Empowerment Project through Momenta’s Project: New Orleans workshop. YEP engages people of all ages through community-based education, mentoring and employment readiness programs — children whose lives have been directly affected by substance abuse, youth who live in at-risk communities, young adults transitioning out of the juvenile detention system, even a grandmother working toward her high school equivalency diploma. Perhaps the most inspiring, though, were the YEP mentors who, years ago, joined the program as youth participants, and are now paying it forward to the next generation.

Special thanks to Momenta Workshops founder Jamie Rose for her endless brilliance and mentorship; and the award-winning pros who spent hours sharing their experiences and advice — Annie Flanagan, Eva Russo, Nicholas Pinto, and Marianne Sabrier. Please take a moment to explore their incredible work!